The Therapy Team has helped me reach me goals ! I came to Coral Harbor for rehabilitation. When I got here two months ago, I was not able to walk or stand. The therapy team of Paul, Amanda, Andy, Jonathan, and Peter have all helped me reach my goals. I am now able to walk and stand again. I am happy to be able to go home properly. I would like to thank all the staff here at Coral Harbor who have all helped me during my stay here. I would also like to add, I am happy Dr. Mehandru directed me to come to Coral Harbor, as he is not only my doctor, but a friend.

Frances Elliot

“The staff at Coral Harbor was excellent!! I was able to recover more quickly than I expected. The Physical Therapy Team really made a difference for me, and my roommate became a friend! All in all, this was a very positive experience!”

Janet Point

“My nurses were top notch! This is my second time coming to Coral Harbor for a total knee replacement. Jonathan, Paul and Andy are the absolute best therapists. My nurses, Danielle, Eunice and Alexa, were top notch. They were always attentive and my meds were given as soon as I requested them. My aides, Tenisha, Danielle and Natasha, went above and beyond to my every need. Lisa, the Admissions Director, listened to my requests last year and knew exactly what I needed this time. Knowing that I am a retired nurse after 30 years, she gave me the respect and courtesy as a professional for any concerns I had. Coral Harbor has a comfortable and pretty atmosphere. It is very clean and bright. I recommend Coral Harbor to anyone in need of therapy.”

Susan Ventrice

“I am extremely pleased that I chose Coral Harbor for my rehabilitation post-hospitalization. My therapist Jonathan has not only provided therapy but gave me the strength, courage, and confidence to do my best even on days that weren’t so good. I and my family are extremely pleased with the progress made in therapy. I am forever grateful to the staff at Coral Harbor for helping me fully recover.”

Regina Ramos

“A special thank you to all the CNAs and nurses that have been exceptional and have gone above and beyond to help me during my stay. I feel much better physically and mentally going home and would recommend Coral Harbor to those in need of rehab. Sincerely,”

Karen Reevey

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