I am a new long term care resident at Coral Harbor – I recently moved here from Asbury Towers. The staff has really helped me adjust to this change in my life. I look forward to my daily physical therapy sessions as I have been a life-long believer in taking great care of my physical fitness and health. At 97 years old I have even shown the staff some of my great exercise moves and gotten them to exercise right along with me! John, the Dietary Director, makes the most fabulous healthy meals, and I always look forward to heading down to the dining room! I have made many new friends.

Thank you again,
Jerry Magruder

I am a repeat customer at Coral Harbor. When I was at Ocean Medical Center for shoulder surgery I told the social worker I would only go to Coral Harbor. My nurse Christina treats me with such kindness as do the CNA’s. The Director of Nursing, Valerie, and the Admissions Director, Linda, have a kind word for me every day and always check in to see how I am doing. I will be having my left knee replacement surgery in about 6 months, and again, the only place I will go for my rehabilitation is Coral Harbor. Thank you, Coral Harbor for the great care!

Peter Lucia

I am not great with remembering names so I will just say the whole crew at Coral Harbor is fabulous – from nursing, CNAs and also therapy. Pete and Carol in therapy brought me back to a level I was afraid I would not reach again. In the middle of the night I get leg cramps and when I press the call bell a staff member arrives immediately to help me. I always feel reassured knowing that they will answer right away. I feel the staff goes above and beyond the call of duty and always with a smile. I have been enrolled in the cardiology program that is overseen by Shore Cardiology which prevents me from having to go back to the hospital. I will come back and visit all of the friends that I have made here after I am discharged home.

Thank you Coral Harbor,
Robert Boroughs

I want to give a testimonial to a place that I now call home. I came into Coral Harbor unsure of what the future would hold. As it turns out I will be staying long term here. The whole team at Coral Harbor has made this transition seamless for me. They all go out of their way to make me feel at home. I am on dialysis and they have provided me with my own soft blanket and insulated snack bag for when I have to go out to dialysis. They also have a renal support group every month with Dr. Mehandru that my daughter and I attend, this has been so beneficial. The care here has been so great and the staff are all so thoughtful and warm, I really do feel very much at home here.

Jeannette Connelly

The staff was so friendly and attentive at Coral Harbor. The therapy department was awesome. Roc and Monica would always perform very innovative exercises that have kept me interested
and motivated to keep doing more. Lorraine, one of the night CNA’s, was always so helpful and would help me with anything I needed. I’ll be going home tomorrow but look forward to keeping up with my Coral Friends at the Phillips Seaview Tower where I reside and they host monthly bingo!
Thank you Coral Harbor – with much gratitude!

Edward Polz

The whole team here at Coral Harbor has been so caring and attentive to my needs. There isn’t one person that I can single out because all of the staff were so instrumental in my healing and therapy process. The physical therapy department was awesome, always motivating me to do more. I would recommend Coral Harbor to anyone in need of subacute care and will always keep the staff at Coral Harbor in my heart.

Helene Binder

Coral Harbor Testimonial Frank HensonMY LIFE TURNED AROUND AT CORAL HARBOR!
I have so many reasons to be thankful to Coral Harbor. When I was first admitted to Coral Harbor on July 7th I was confused, disoriented, had multiple wounds, needed a hoyer lift and was completely debilitated.
I have been in their care for almost three months and in that time my life and health has been completely turned around. My wounds are almost completely healed, I am thinking clearly, I have stable labs, and I can independently manage my own health now. I look forward to my upcoming discharge date with courage
and not fear because I know that from their good care I will be fine. I have made friends while I have been here and have grown close to many of the staff members. I will definitely be visiting here after I return home!

Frank Henson

Coral Harbor Testimonial Rudolph GronskyI have had a great stay so far at Coral Harbor, all of the nurses and CNA’s are wonderful. The staff goes above and beyond, they even made sure I had my favorite pierogies for dinner! I enjoy sharing all of my old-time stories, jokes and card tricks with the staff! I will be going back to my assisted living soon but have enjoyed my stay here at Coral Harbor.

With Gratitude,
Rudolph Gronsky

Coral Harbor Testimonial Lovell SmithI want to thank Coral Harbor and the wonderful staff and residents for bringing me back to the point I am right now after being hit by a car. I have had some hard times in my life and the staff here at Coral Harbor have been so supportive and caring that I feel very optimistic about my future! I have reached many milestones with my therapy and I am becoming more and more independent every day. I would definitely return to Coral Harbor in the future should I need their care.

With Gratitude,
Lovell Smith

Coral Harbor Testimonial Louis GillowI came to Coral Harbor after my recent knee surgery done by Dr. Mark and I could not have been more pleased with my stay. I have made many friends with the pleasant residents and staff here. The ambiance here is lovely and the staff always appears motivated and happy to accommodate
my needs. The therapy department is a fun and experienced bunch! I always looked forward to my next therapy session. I enjoyed sharing my stories of being a patent lawyer and the objects I have patented over the years such as the Reach toothbrush and tamper-proof bottle caps. I enjoyed the staff’s company I think as much as they enjoyed mine! I have my second knee surgery coming up in January and I will definitely be reserving my spot at Coral Harbor.

– Louis Gillow

Coral Harbor Testimonial Albert ZiniewiczI have been a long term care resident at Coral Harbor for almost a year. I have grown to love the other residents and the staff that takes such great care of me! I enjoy playing the guitar and having a good time with the friends that I have made here. Coral Harbor is my home and I am very thankful to be here.

– Albert Ziniewicz

Coral Harbor Testimonial Norman Hanney Following much deliberation, my wife and I selected Coral Harbor for long term care in December. I am pleased to say we have had a good experience here. The people make the place! Following a recent hospitalization, it was determined that I could benefit from ongoing care and consultation by cardiology. What is so convenient is that I don’t have to go out to these doctors, they come here! A physician from Shore Heart Group visits me routinely – I have been doing great with the physical therapy team at Coral Harbor too. I am 94 years old and I feel stronger and more energetic every day.

– Norman Hanney

Coral Harbor Testimonial Myrna OllieI have had such a great experience at Coral Harbor. The nurses are wonderful. I always feel like I am in good hands here. I trust the staff, feel very comfortable and am so glad I chose Coral Harbor for my post acute cardiac rehabilitation. As a participant in the Cardiac Rehab Program, my care is followed weekly by the Shore Heart Group. They see me here at the center and monitor my progress while I am wearing a life vest. I have a way to go but I am getting better every day! Thank you Coral Harbor for a great experience….I will definitely recommend you to friends and family!

– Myrna Ollie

Coral Harbor Testimonial Nivia GomezSince I moved into Coral Harbor for long term care I have made many friends, both residents and staff. I feel very much at home here and always feel loved by the people who work here. I enjoy the food and all of the activities, especially Groom and Glamour Day! I was hesitant to make the change from living with my daughter and her family to a facility, but since day one I have never looked back or regretted moving to Coral Harbor. I know I will live the rest of my years with people who love and care about me, thank you Coral Harbor for providing this!!

– Nivia Gomez

Carol BeckCoral Harbor provided me a great rehabilitation experience. I am so glad that Dr. Griggs referred me to Coral Harbor’s Urgent SNF™ program. The care has been great and because of the wonderful therapy department I am able to go home independently. I look forward to coming back to Coral Harbor in coming months to view the final renovations of the center already in progress. I would recommend Coral Harbor to my friends and family, and would surely return myself if the need ever again arose.

– With sincere gratitude,
Carol Beck

Nancy FalcoMy stay at Coral Harbor has been a great experience. I have rehabbed wonderfully in less than two weeks from a knee replacement surgery I had at Monmouth Medical Center. The therapy department has been fabulous! I have also enjoyed my meals here as well. Coral Harbor has helped me reach my goals. I can now fulfill a bucket list dream of hiking the Grand Canyon with my daughter! It is with great confidence that I will recommend Coral Harbor to any of my friends or family who may require rehabilitation in the future!

– Nancy Falco

Kenneth SullivanI have made great progress with the healing of my wound at Coral Harbor due to the great nursing care. The therapy staff is always so friendly and motivating. I have especially enjoyed the meals, my favorite being the breakfasts! As much as I have enjoyed my stay here at Coral Harbor and the progress I have made, I am looking forward to going home so I can enjoy my daily walks to The Auditorium in Ocean Grove and feeding the squirrels! Thank you Coral Harbor!

– With gratitude,
Kenneth Sullivan

We couldn’t possibly find a better place!

Oak and Bettylu JohnsonMy husband Oak has a found a loving home at Coral Harbor. Not only does he get excellent medical attention, but he is also treated with affection by people who care for him. Everyone is pleasant and friendly to the family as well as to him. All the staff are doing a great job – whatever their job might be.

– With gratitude,
Oak & Bettylu Johnson

Care You Can Trust!

GonzalezWe were very impressed with the care our dad received at Coral Harbor Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center. The staff was not only highly skilled and knowledgeable with our dad’s needs, but empathetic towards our needs. We encourage anyone interested to explore Coral Harbor as an option. You will not be disappointed!!

– With Gratitude,
The Gonzalez Family

I REHABBED at Coral Harbor!

Joseph MurphyI have been an Asbury Park resident since my early football days of high school. My daughter is very active with the Asbury Senior Center, and Coral Harbor sponsors a monthly Bingo luncheon there. I knew when I ended up at Jersey Shore that I was going to need rehabilitation before I would be able to go home. My family and I chose Coral Harbor and I’m glad we did! When I first came to Coral Harbor I was very confused and disoriented. The staff at Coral Harbor was so patient, kind and reassuring. Every day I am making strides and meeting goals with therapy. My ultimate goal is to make it home soon so I can enjoy my grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the beautiful boardwalks of Asbury Park.

– Joseph Murphy

Edward ConnerI have been at Coral Harbor since the end of February and have made great progress with their outstanding therapy department. Jodi and Nicole were excellent at getting and keeping me motivated, and I can be pretty stubborn! I always felt a sense of great camaraderie in the physical therapy gym. I am thankful for the progress I have made here at Coral Harbor and look forward to my next stage of life at Phillips Towers in Asbury Park. Thank you Coral Harbor!

– Edward Conner

I am so glad I REHABBED at Coral Harbor!

EdwinaI’m so glad the NEW Coral Harbor team was there for me in my time of need. After a fall in my home which resulted in a hospital visit, it was clear that rehabilitation would be important for me to regain my independence. I love being around the people of Coral Harbor! The therapists were extra supportive as I worked hard with them daily. I must mention the food which was a highlight of my day. I would recommend the team at Coral Harbor to anyone in their times of need as well. I’m sure glad I made the choice I did!

– With gratitude, Edwina

I am humbled by how caring & professional everyone has been!

Daiana-RiosMy grandmother returned to NJ after living in Puerto Rico for over a decade and moved in with me; however my long hours at work and looking after my mother made it difficult to provide my grandmother the care she deserved. I wanted to find a place that was close to my home and a local hospital. Within hours of explaining my situation to Pam Montemurno, a member of the leadership team at Coral Harbor, Pam had a meeting coordinated with my family and her team. Soon after I moved my grandmother in.

I love Coral Harbor and selected the center for many reasons… It is less than ten minutes from my home and is located across the street from my employer, Jersey Shore University Medical Center. Coral Harbor checked off every need I had for my grandmother’s care and I can’t say enough about the staff. From the Admissions department, to the nurses and the facility staff; they have all welcomed her and have made her feel at home. This experience has been a positive one for me and my family.

With gratitude, Daiana Rios