Marquis Care Navigation

Introducing Our Revolutionary Care Navigation™


Guiding You Step by Step Through Your Journey of Care

Marquis Care Navigation™ is a collaborative approach to the coordination of YOUR care. Our approach aims to provide you quality healthcare, in a timely manner while supporting all of your specific needs. Our end goal is an optimal outcome for your nursing and rehabilitation stay.

Program Goals:

  • Provide optimal continuity of care by assisting you with
    transitions to and from alternative care settings
  • Enhance your overall care experience through a
    well-coordinated and communicated process
  • Promote your independence, encouraging your participation
    in care planning and goal setting
  • Reduce the likelihood of your unnecessary rehospitalization
  • Navigate and assist you through each step in your journey of care

Marquis Care Navigation™ Involves:

  • You / Your Family / Caregivers
  • Your Physician
  • Our Nursing Team
  • Our Rehabilitation Team
  • Our Activities Team
  • Our Social Service Leaders
  • Our Nutritional Professionals
  • Our Business Office Manager

Your optimum recovery is based on your specific clinical needs and progress. Medicare services will end when the interdisciplinary team, led by your physician, determines that you have reached your highest functional level.